Jim Sullivan
 Redondo Beach, CA.
High School:
 Redondo Union
Loyola Marymount
Preferred Decks:
 Technics 1200 mk5’s
 Pioneer CDJ-2000’s
Preferred Mixer:
 Pioneer DJM 900
Preferred Controller:
 Pioneer DDJ-SZ
Preferred Software:
 Serato DJ

A regular fixture in the Hermosa Beach scene, JIMBO has been DJing clubs since he was 19. His approach to the art is simple: play songs that people like. Many would call that overly simplistic, but JIMBO is one of the few DJ’s who does not get bogged down in gimmicky mash-ups or assaulting the vinyl with poor scratching. JIMBO focuses on his strengths: picking good songs and mixing them with care. This dedication of crowd pleasing has made him one of the busiest DJ’s in the South Bay.

JIMBO began his DJ career in a most unusual way. Instead of handing demos out in clubs and hoping to get noticed, JIMBO decided to create his own opportunity. Working with his best friend, DJ Quasar, the two aspiring DJ’s convinced the owners of 705 to allow them to promote a random sunday in march. Many expected the night to bomb, but JIMBO had a reason for choosing such an unconventional night for their debut. It just so happened that every college in the area started spring break that week. By ten o’clock the club was packed with coeds. With that major success, Quasar and JIMBO’s careers as DJ’s were off and running.

This tenacious eye for innovation has led to Jimbo’s latest endeavor: DJing with video. Utilizing his background in television production, JIMBO has expanded his repitoire to include a vast arsenal of music videos. Using the latest MixEmergency plug in for Serato DJ, JIMBO has kicked his DJ game up tremendously. He has diligently collected and edited the majority of the videos he plays, only relying on video pools for mainstream selections. This tenacity and dedication sets JIMBO apart from the microwave DJ’s which have flooded the scene.